The Basics

Common Eye Conditions

What does 20/20 mean?

20/20 is a measurement of your visual acuity. The 20/20 measurement represents the best-corrected vision of the average person with or without eyeglasses.

If your vision is worse than 20/20, it is expressed with a different (higher) second number. Take, for example, if your doctor says that your vision is 20/80. This means that what a "20/20" person sees from 80 feet away, you can't see it until you move up to only 20 feet away.

Some people have vision better than 20/20, like 20/15. This means that something a "20/20" person can see from 15 feet away, can be seen even further back to 20 feet.

Every measurement is represented by a corresponding line of letters on the eye chart. The smaller letters you can see, the better your vision is, and the closer your vision is to "20/20".